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Mont St-Benoît

A Canadian creation by the Benedictine monks of Saint-Benoît-du-Lac Abbey in Quebec, this cheese is similar to those Swiss-type cheeses, strewed with large bright "eyes".

  • Aroma hazelnut aroma with slightly fermented accents, typical of Swiss-type cheeses.
  • Taste delicate taste of hazelnut and butter.
  • Texture supple and elastic texture

basic info

Category: Semi-Soft
Family: Canadian Swiss
Rind type: Rindless
Appearance: rindless, smooth surface which is a little bit oily; cream interior; firm with openings ("eyes") in the interior.
Milk type: Pasteurized
Moisture: 43
Milk fat: 30
Manufacturing process: Artisanal
Province of Origin: Quebec
Distribution: national

How to enjoy them?

As for all Swiss-type cheeses, the Mont St-Benoît cheese lends itself to many uses in the kitchen. It’s perfect for sandwiches, salads, cooked dishes, quiches, omelets, au gratin dishes and fondues.

With time, its flavours become stronger and that's why some cheese lovers prefer waiting a little before enjoying it. On a tasting tray or at the end of meal, it charms everybody.

How are they made?

To learn how this cheese is made, click here.

Mont St-Benoît
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