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Fou du roy

A raw milk, organic, semi-soft, washed-rind artisanal farmhouse cheese. Under its beautiful rust-coloured rind, a supple and tasty body is sure to delight you. An absolutely irresistible cheese.

  • Aroma Mild aroma.
  • Taste Rustic taste of slightly acidic lactic butter.
  • Texture Supple, creamy and velvety texture.

basic info

Category: Semi-Soft
Rind type: Washed
Appearance: Ivory body with a red-orange rind and a white veil tinted with blue-grey.
Milk type: Raw
Moisture: 44
Milk fat: 28
Manufacturing process: Farmstead
Province of Origin: Quebec
Distribution: provinciale

How to enjoy them?

On a platter at the end of a meal, as the 2nd course of a cheese tasting or in a raclette. Equally good melted on various dishes.

How are they made?

To learn how this cheese is made, click here.

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