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Cendré des prés

A unique product, this artisanal cheese is made of cow milk and possesses a bloomy rind. A line of maple wood ash lends this cheese an exceptional taste of farm fresh butter.

  • Aroma Fresh mushroom and buttery aroma.
  • Taste Delicate butter taste.
  • Texture Smooth and melted texture.

basic info

Category: Soft
Family: Camembert
Rind type: Bloomy
Appearance: Crust of a white and velvety colour; cream body color with edible maple wood ash in the centre.
Milk type: Pasteurized
Moisture: 50
Milk fat: 26
Manufacturing process: Artisanal
Province of Origin: Quebec
Distribution: national

How to enjoy them?

In a platter and is a great pairing with white wine.

How are they made?

To learn how this cheese is made, click here.

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