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Bothwell - Black Truffle Cheddar

A light cheese with hints of truffles, the Black Truffle cheese is full of fruity flavours. Part of the Cheddar family, it has a firm texture and when thinly sliced, is at the top of its game!

  • Aroma Flavour of butter.
  • Taste Truffles fruity flavour.
  • Texture Firm and smooth

basic info

Category: Firm
Family: Cheddar
Rind type: Rindless
Varieties: Flavoured
Appearance: Rindless, bright and smooth surface; light yellow interior with black truffle pieces.
Milk type: Pasteurized
Manufacturing process: Industrial
Available format: 200 g
Province of Origin: Manitoba
Distribution: national

How to enjoy them?


How are they made?

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