2013 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix Recipe Collection

Made with 2013 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix category winning cheeses, these crowd pleasing recipes are perfect for holiday entertaining. Package a few of the winning cheeses together and you have a <a class="download" href="http://www.dairygoodness.ca/content/download/723708/10815060/version/1/file/Holiday-gift-guide.pdf">delicious holiday gift</a> for friends and family. Either way you can't go wrong this holiday season with award-winning Canadian cheeses. <br /> <br/> For the full list of winning cheeses and to learn more about the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix, visit <a href="http://www.dairyfarmers.ca/what-we-do/programs/canadian-cheese-grand-prix">DairyFarmers.ca/GrandPrix</a>

  • 2013 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix Recipe Collection Recipes

In their words, these cheese makers reveal how a sense of community inspires them to make such a delicious product.

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