For every cheese you serve, there’s an accompaniment that brings out its best features. Learn more about Canadian cheese, and the foods and wines that make the perfect match.

  • Canadian cheese and sake: A surprising affinity

    Canadian cheese and sake: A surprising affinity

    Sake, declares the old Japanese proverb, reveals the true heart. Our curious palate was seduced: could sake reveal the true heart of cheese? Brewed simply from rice, spring water, yeast and its signature mould, koji, sake boasts qualities and food affinities that wine may find tough to beat. Discover this exceptional match and learn how sake can elevate your favourite Canadian cheeses. Kanpai!

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  • Perfect Pairings: Beer and Bites

    Perfect Pairings: Beer and Bites

    These three savoury foods featuring Canadian cheeses are sure to be crowd pleasers, especially when paired with these types of Canadian beer.

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  • Spring Forward with Mini-Casseroles

    Spring Forward with Mini-Casseroles

    Try these delicious single-serving mini-casserole recipes using 1 egg and the following ingredients. They can be baked in the oven at 425°F for 15–20 minutes, depending on desired doneness of the egg.

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  • Homemade and Wholesome: Fall snack attack

    Homemade and Wholesome: Fall snack attack

    These easy-to-make snacks are all exactly what you want to pair with a glass of cold milk, and they’re perfectly satisfying. These tasty snacks incorporate whole grains and your favourite Canadian cheeses.

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  • For flavour that pleases, switch up the cheeses

    For flavour that pleases, switch up the cheeses

    The fun thing about making pizza at home is that you can go beyond the classic ingredient combinations featured on ready-made pizza, and use your family’s favourite cheeses and toppings to make your own house specialty. Here are a few suggestions to get you started!

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  • DARE - Merry Pairings

    DARE - Merry Pairings

    Look who’s getting together for the Holidays!

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  • Cheers to cheese!

    Cheers to cheese!

    The only thing better than your favourite Rickard’s
    is savouring it in combination with a perfectly paired Canadian cheese.

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  • Enjoy the simple pairings of Canadian cheese and apples

    Enjoy the simple pairings of Canadian cheese and apples

    The simplest seasonal accompaniments are always the most celebrated when it comes to savouring Canadian cheese, and apples are our cheese expert’s favourite. A chef, culinary instructor and regular contributor to all you need is cheese, Anne-Marie Shubin shares her top fall pairings for a cheeseboard or a lunch-box snack.

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