2015 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix

The finalists for this year's edition of the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix have been announced! See if your favourites made the cut.

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Canadian Ricotta: Whip up Some Pleasure

Delightfully mellow, Canadian Ricotta works wonders when mixed into a classic dip or cooked into a savoury quiche.

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Tender Comforts

Ease into spring by adding the fresh flavour of tender greens to a penne classic made with Canadian Cream Cheese.

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Spring Forward

Nothing says spring like these Vegetable couscous and Canadian Ricotta poppers dipped in a fresh tzatziki sauce.

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Savouring Local Fare

Owner and chef at Two Doors Down in Halifax, Andrew Farrell finds inspiration in tasty Canadian cheeses, as well as in regional wines & produce.

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Instant Pleasure

Busy day? Take 10 and savour a simple, mouth-watering snack: Instant spiced apples with Canadian Brie.

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A Natural Affinity

Enjoy an array of sweet & salty flavours by pairing delicious Canadian cheeses with dazzling Canadian honey.

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Canadian Cheese Events

Find events in your area that celebrate the broad range of delicious flavours you can discover in Canadian cheeses.

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Pear & cheese naan pies

Spiff up your fruit with a little spice and some Canadian Monterey Jack for a simple and delightful snack.

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Dressed for success

Enjoy the fresh greens of spring with 3 simple Canadian cheese salad dressings you can whip up in no time.

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