• Canadian Mascarpone: A Premier Pleasure

    Cooking up a storm this holiday? Add some luscious Canadian Mascarpone, perfect for elevating sweet and savoury dishes, from appetizers to dessert.

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  • A Pleasure in Every Bite

    Savour the holidays and delight your guests with 5 collections containing 30 mouth-watering appetizers.

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  • Canadian Cheddar Pretzels

    Don’t even try resisting these delicious pretzels when they’re fresh out of the oven, it just can’t be done!

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  • Magic Cream Cheese Macaroons

    Sweet and creamy, these yummy macaroons are the perfect dessert solution for those last-minute get-togethers.

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  • Tickle Them Pink

    Cool, creamy Canadian Mascarpone afloat in a bubbly cider makes this a festive drink your guests will love.

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When the Platter Really Matters

Learn how to compose and balance a mouth-watering Canadian cheese platter for a truly sensational experience.

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Just Having a Ball

Get the party rolling with festive finger food like these crowd-pleasing Cheese ball pops made with Boursin® and bacon bits.

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Luscious Layers

Floor your guests with layer upon layer of sweet panettone melded with smooth Canadian Brie and exquisite dulce de leche.

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